Every year, this committee organizes a great introduction weekend to Antwerp for all new students. By joining this committee you’ll immediately get in touch with you fellow students,

Besides that, this committee organizes a weekend for members during the year. Trips to Cologne, Ghent, Maastricht or Groningen for example! The committee makes sure that everything goes to plan and your weekends will be filled with creative activities. So come join our next weekend!

Voorzitter:  Bart Wildeman
Secretaris: Thara van den Bedem
Penningmeester:  Thimo Blom
Externe Betrekkingen:  Daaf Beuse
Externe Betrekkingen: Wouter Heinrich
Public Relations: Tim Streefkerk
Public Relations: Jasper Pielage


Weekend cropped BorderMaker

Top row: Wouter, Jasper, Thara, Tim & Thimo
Bottom row: Elianne (coordinator), Bart & Daaf