EOS 3314My name is Nora Zuijdam, 21 years old and I study Communication Science. I was born and raised along the coast of South Holland. Three years ago I moved to the beautiful city Haarlem because of my studies at the VU University Amsterdam. This was also the moment that I learned more about Faculty Association EOS.

After a very nice Introductionweek, I knew for sure that you would find me at EOS more often. That is why I started two years ago in a committee. As the function Public Relations of the Active Committee (yes I already had it in me back in the days), I met more EOS-members. The following year I was the Chairman of this committee and that tasted like more. I noticed that I really liked to work for EOS and made friends for life during the annual Skiing Trip. Then I knew for sure: I want to be in the board of this wonderful association.

After two exciting application rounds, in which the candidates texted a lot with eachother, I received the redeeming phone call: I was selected for the function Public Relations for the XXIIIth board of Faculty Association EOS. Now the real work could begin!

Last summer I spent many evenings with my predecessor at the VU to learn all the ins and outs of the function Public Relations. Thanks to the good transfer, I now know everything about the profession and I start this year in the board with full courage.

This year I will take care of the promotion of EOS and its activities. This includes the maintainance of our social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, but also making flyers, posters and information booklets belongs to the function Public Relations. And of course keeping up with the EOS-website, where you now read this article.

Besides the promotion of EOS, I will have a coordinating role within the Almanak Committee, Media Committee, Active Committee and the Master Groups. In addition, I will take place in the LOS (National Consultation Body of Sociology) together with one other EOS-member.

I'm very excited to start this year with my fellow boardmembers of the XXIIIth board! We are going to make it a wonderful year!